Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving to our American Friends!

I have to say it's kind of nice to watch all the Thanksgiving Festivities on TV. It kind of gives me another boost into getting into the spirit of the holidays.

I finished my housecoat that I had blogged about earlier. I added some bling to the cuffs and pockets. From this distance they're hard to see, but they're some square sew on diamond thingy's.

I've been wearing it all week, and I'm so glad because it's been getting colder. If there was any humidity we'd have snow by now, but thank goodness we don't. It makes it feel like a shorter winter the longer we go without the white stuff.

Another one of my wip is a Sirdar pattern of a Bolero sweater for a baby. This is a practice version which is a good thing as I've had to rip half of the back down because I'd made a mistake and didn't realize it until I started blocking it.....
(After thought...I'm using Naturalee by Lily, 100% cotton, 4 ply Sport Weight, Colour #214 Salmon)

I've got another couple projects on the go which I'll blog about later as I haven't gotten enough knitting done to show them.

This is what I feel like when I have to frog a piece of knitting. Noodles hit the nail on the head. Thhhrruuuuuppppppp (Blowing a raspberry)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

New Header, New Mugs.......

My daughter informed me yesterday that Starbucks had these really cool mugs with a knitted texture, and my reaction was 'Get'em'. Is this a new product this year? I don't remember seeing them last year, anyways they're really nice. My new blog header was my DH and my breakfast this morning.

I've got a bit of startitis happening with knitting projects right now and on top of it all I got the sewing bug. My latest project waiting for me upstairs......

I recently paid a visit to Fabricland, which is the only material store in Edmonton, and I couldn't stop mushing this embossed Cuddlelucouis fleece. This stuff is so soft and all I could think of is what a nice housecoat this would make. So when I found out that it was 40% off I was sold.

Actually the same day I decided to go to one of my lys (River City Yarns) and use my birthday gift certificate I got in September.

Four balls of Noro Silk Garden as required to make the Noro striped scarf I saw Yarn Harlot posted about here. There was a limited supply of Noro, at River City Yarns, but I'm quite happy with these two colours
#47, and 269.

The rest of the gift certificate went to four skeins of Cascade Yarns The Heathers, 100% Peruvian Highland Merino Wool, Col. No. 4010, 100 gr., 220 yards.

Last but not least another skein of sock yarn by Arequipa. Made by Estelle Yarns. 65% Superwash Wool, 20% Alpaca, 15% Nylon. Col. No. 201. 400 meters/100 grams.

I'm loving these colours. I have no plans for them, but that's most of the fun dreaming about this craft/obsession.

Have a great day!