Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A quick post.....

We had a good Christmas, but I have to say I'm glad to see 2008 done with. I've heard several people say the samething. What's up with that? Good Charma or kizmit just wasn't flowing last year.

Anyway over the holidays I kept busy with a couple projects which are now finished.

Cross-Country Chullo, free pattern from knitty.com

Yarn: Patons Decor (Purchased at Michael's)
75% Acrylic
25 Wool
Colours: Pale Sage Green, Rich Grey Heather

It's been so cold I've been thankful I managed to finish this in time to actually use it this winter.

Next project came along while we were in Jasper, Alberta over the holidays. I stopped in at a little yarn store called A Stychen Time, and picked up some Sari-Rainbow Silk from Nepal. 100% silk, 200 gr., 200 yards. I always liked the pattern Morning Surf Scarf, and I thought the silk would work for this pattern.

Morning Surf Scarf
Pattern from Spin-Off Magazine, Summer 2008

Blocking....silk doesn't stretch as much as wool, and this pattern gulped up the 200 yards I had. The finished measurement is 20cm x 158 cm. Or 8in. x 62 1/2in.

Dry cleaning is recommended, but it says on the label you can wash in luke warm water which is what I did with vinegar to set the colour. Whew! What a smell that came off this silk. I used some essential oils to combat the odour, but what seemed to really work is laying Bounce fabric softner sheets underneath the scarf while blocking. All is well now.

Hope all is well with you, and stay warm!

Noodles knows how to stay warm....I can't get her out of the lightbox I use for photography. She feels the heat from the lamps and loves it.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

You caught me snoozing.

(Haha Mae :) I'm heading to Michael's this morning. They have a bunch of yarn 70% off sale. DH is still working on our bathroom reno downstairs. I'll post pictures asap of progress there. I'm missing my blogging, and I'll get back at it, but unfortunately I'm being rather lazy. Could it be because of the weather? hmmmm