Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We're having a heat wave..............

This is the thermostat reading inside the house last night.

This has been the norm for the last 10 days. The last couple of nights the weather has decided that that's not enough to make sleeping miserable....it throws in fantastic lightening shows with window rattling thunder at 2:00am just for good measure. We're staying in the basement to keep cool, and I've discovered this yummy drink mix that we've been indulging.

(I have since discovered while taking this picture that the calorie count is 190 for one scoop. We've been putting a total of four in a double batch which fills a blender. Gosh everything good is bad. Who would of thought that that little scoop of powder would count so high in calories. I guess we'll have to limit this drink to maybe once on the weekends from now on.)

So what else to do in the basement, but some spinning. Yesterday I got my order of Variegated Merino from Bountiful. Colourway: Sage. I have to say I've never spun Merino, and this was my first time....I love it. It's a little shorter in staple than what I'm used to with the Alpaca, but I've adjusted my tension on the wheel, and my short draw, and it's been spinning up great. I'll be 2/plying this and I'm considering knitting it up into a shawl....we'll see.....

Click to embiggen.

Canadian nickel for spun single size reference.

Next is the Alpaca, that I blogged about earlier, from Joyce in Valemount. It's from her Alpaca named Camron Steele, and the two bags are divided up as first and second quality fleece. This has yet to be washed, and then combed. I went delving into the bags today, and it's a gorgeous fleece. Hardly any vm at all, and I have to say whatever Joyce is doing to keep the Alpaca's clean, it's working. No plans for any projects for this fleece yet. I'm just looking forward to spinning it.

First quality


This is a sample of some Rose-Grey Alpaca from Joyce. It is my understanding that this colour is one of the most sought after regarding Alpaca fibre. Could this be true? Joyce had agreed, but now I'm doubting myself on that tidbit. Opinions anyone?

Noodles couldn't give a flying fleece about colour. She just wants it to cool down.Have a great day!


NYoMaN said...
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Nicole said...

Noodles Patoodles

Charlene said...

Generally I'm a pretty open minded person, but recently I've had some spam sneaking through. In the case of this first comment that I had to delete, I wanted to give a heads up to my regular commenters on the name of the suspected, it's "NYoMan". Sorry NYoMan, but your comment smacked of a spam like substance.

Anonymous said...

No spam here :) just alpaca lust. I've got to get some! It looks gorgeous

Jody said...

Hey Charlene...we have been having rainy and cooler weather here in Ontario....you can keep the humidity!
I can't see the staple on your grey alpaca...mmm a closeup would be great....as for the rose grey...it's definitely my favourite. I have two different rose greys. One is more grey in it and the other is more brown in it. It is a harder to find colour in alpacas.

~ Phyllis ~ said...

You must be getting some of our Alabama heat and humidity. You can keep it if you want.
Love the merino. Isn't it a dream to spin. It and alpaca are my two favorite fibers to spin with BFL coming in a close third. Your merino reminds me a lot of my merino. Was it Ashland Bay brand?
How did you like the service of Bountiful? Thanks for the heads up on the spammer.

~ Phyllis ~ said...

I really like the new looks of your blog. It's really pretty.

Robin said...

I'm with you and Noodles! I do NOT like the heat and would be in the basement with you! The roving is really pretty and that color would make a great shawl. I love the alpaca - especially the rose gray one. Very nice. I have some alpaca in my stash - pitch black - but haven't spun it yet.