Tuesday, September 02, 2008


What better treat, besides Chocolate, is there? Getting fibre in the mail? I think so!

All the way from Ontario..............

Jody and I sort of did an unplanned fibre exchange. I picked up some Finnsheep fleece for her, and she sent the following loveliness.....

All neatly packed for a new home.

Beautiful handspun alpaca. One thing about alpaca you can feel the weight. More so than merino which is lighter.

This is great! Tagged with the name of contents so I'll never forget.

Black Corriedale from a Canadian Supplier. Val from Life With Sheep.
Such a deep rich black.

What more can you say about dark fawn Alpaca, and...

Fawn Suri Alpaca.....it's like feeling clouds in you hands.

Noodles enjoys opening presents as well. Especially when she smells, and discovers that there were other kitties living where this came from.

Thanks so much Jody! You work so hard with fleece. Cleaning, combing, spinning. I can tell that it's a passion for the love of fibre. It's great emailing with you and sharing in this obsession.


Jody said...

You take such great pictures Charlene. Your blog looks as lovely as your house. Your spinning is lovely too. That grey alpaca has a nice long staple. I find the grey alpaca blends beautifully with the mohair or pygora. The colours just 'work' together.

~ Phyllis ~ said...

Yummy Goodness.