Monday, October 27, 2008

This is a brief post to answer Phyllis (Spin, Knit, and Life) who tagged me on October 4. It's taken me this long to respond, but I do enjoy reading other blogger's tags, so here goes.....

Six Random Things About Me:

1. I love Chocolate, but the caffeine in it seems to bother me at times. Does that stop me from eating it though? Nooooooo :)

2. I
HATE the wind. We just recently had a windstorm here 100km/hr. It tore the top off of our carport. One of the plastic/canvas ones that you buy from Costco.

3. After wrapping Christmas presents for a marathon six hours I went to bed (at some ungodly hour) and had a hallucination/dream that somebody had put wrapping paper up in the ceiling light fixture. My husband woke me up as I was standing on top of the bed trying to clean out the 'said' wrapping paper.

4. I love collecting rocks for our outdoor pond, and for edging around my flower gardens.

5. Now this is really out there, but I think George Bush is kind of cute. I know, I know, what is she thinking? His politics suck, but I've always thought that George was a funny guy...I find that appealing.

6. I'm fanatical about the British soap, Coronation Street.


Mae said...

Six Random Things (I don't think anyone actually knows...) About Me:

1. When I broke up with my fiance last year, I had haunting dreams that he took every single piece of knitting and cross stitch I've done and unravelled it all for me to find on the kitchen table.

2. I dream in black and white.

3. I read by flashlight every night... despite living alone.

4. I cannot wait for the next six months to be over so I can move on with my life in a non-University fashion, but the future without an educational institution scares the shit out of me.

5. I often wear a wedding band to assert my own sense of independence. Ironically, it's the band my mother's first boyfriend gave her, ie. not my dad. There's something very meaningful about it to me.

6. I'm a conductor. Tomorrow night I'm conducting a production of Q1 Hamlet at University College on campus.

Mae said...

Haha, thanks for the reply. I wish there was a better way to respond to one another (at least for the computer-challenged like myself) besides posting back and forth!!!

I'm currently finishing up with Peter Pan, and then moving along to Anne of Green Gables. All my literature at the moment is for my Children's Literature course this year. The reading is easy and amusing, so I feel so guilty reading books for my own amusement when there are perfectly good course texts to be worked on!!!

Also, the "8 month socks" are finally done. I finished them up not even 15 minutes ago. Now to wind up another ball of yarn so I will have another "Schoolbag" project! I'm thinking some super plain, comfy socks, out of some Araucania Ranco Multy I picked up this summer in Victoria, BC!