Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's taken me awhile........

But I'm slowly coming back to blog. We've suffered a devastating loss of our dear Nathan on February 13, 2010. He was our daughters fiance, son to Wayne and Kathy, and brother to Caleb. A talented Artist, Designer, and Skateboarder He fought with such courage for nine months that it's hard to believe that he succumbed to testicular cancer at the age of 29.

Our daughter and Nathan's family, and extended family will forever feel the loss of Nathan who impacted so many in such a short time. He was an inspiration to all who knew him.

Nathan, words cannot express how much you meant to us, and how much we miss you.

With permission I'm posting my daughters blog entry dated March 3, 2010. (
19 days ago, I lost the love of my life. He fought a courageous battle, and most often with a smile on his face and determination that surprised most people. Our statistics were good at the beginning…98% cure rate. Who could argue with that? But they’re just numbers, and not a certainty. There is still that lingering, dark cloud of 2% that leaves you wondering. That 2% that you ignore and think “That won’t be us.” But it happens.

If I could find any reasoning or answer in this, it’s that I hope we’ve learned something. Hopefully Nathan’s fight with cancer will teach the medical community a little bit more about testicular cancer, which will lead to more lives saved.

I really wish he didn’t fall in that 2%. I wish he was still laying in bed next to me. I wish he could’ve held my hand in the rain a couple nights ago. I wish I could hear him tell me he loves me, just ONE MORE TIME. But he can’t…and I’ve accepted that loss, but it certainly doesn’t make it easier.

He was my inspiration. He was my best friend. I love him more than words can even describe. The past two weeks have shown me what real heartbreak is, but the past year has taught me what true love is.

I miss you.

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Monika said...

This is heartbreaking! I feel so sorry for your daughter! My sympathies to all of you.