Friday, June 25, 2010

 A little late in posting this.......

 My Mother's Day gift came in the mail last week from my DD.  She mailed this along with her Father's Day gift to Dale.
 What an awesome card!  Nicole, you've got the award for 'Amazing Card Finder-er' ;)
 You can see the tissue paper was torn at the corner already in this picture.  It was at this point that I thought I better get the camera going.
 Every stitch was made by her hand.  Self taught. 
 There's a whole week of them!  Bright and sunny!
Also included was the second season of '"I Love Lucy."  I have had the first season for a couple years now, and absolutely enjoy it.  When I'm sewing I'll have it playing on the laptop, and it's amazing what a comedienne Lucy Ball was.  

Thank you Nino!  I'll think of you now when Lucy is playing and I'm drying dishes.

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Jody said...

How lovely Charlene..DD is very talented as you already know :-)
Lucy is one of my favs too.....I think Carol Burnette was also hilarious and I'd luv to have her shows on DVD.