Thursday, March 27, 2008

A cone of yarn

I've never bought a cone of yarn before. The lady at the mill didn't know how many metres was on it, so I got busy and started winding it on my knitty knoddy and got my measurement of 1458 metres.

After winding it up I gave it a wash and it bloomed really nice. I now have a lot of yarn for sock knitting. I just have to search for some patterns.
It's a blend of wool/acrylic 70/30. A little on the itchy side I hate to say. I've always been sort of sensitive to wool, and the 100% wool yarn that they sell at the mill has enough of an itch that I never bought any. I was told that it was merino, but I wasn't sold on it.

A beautiful blue denim colour.

This is the fibre I bought at the mill each 1 lb. The brown is a combination of Alpaca/Merino roving 70/30. The white roving is merino, but as I mentioned earlier I'm not sold on the idea of it being merino. It just doesn't feel like merino, but then again what do I know.

Here is some of the Alpaca/Merino spun up single ply. I'll post more pic's as I ply along...haha


Jody said...

Hi there! I do alot of alpaca spinning from raw fleeces and I love to use combs. I find they take out alot more VM. Lightly carded kid mohair fleece blends beautifully with grey or white huacaya. I have some pics on my new blog.
Greetings from Jody

Anonymous said...

Sorry I am still new at this blogging stuff. My blog is
Jody :)