Monday, June 16, 2008

Where did 14 days go?

Not much knitting progress's the latest on the sock. Heel's done, and it's home free to the toe.

On the spinning front.....We went to a farmer's market and I found a local breeder of Angora Goats, Spring Harvest Farm. So I might be in the market for some fleece. I'll have to see how the budget can take it. I had to buy a sample bag of her roving (100gr) which I'm thinking I'll blend with some alpaca.
I got two deliveries in the mail this week....I was so excited to get my serger.......

so during the evenings I managed to finish this..... It's a cotten/linen blend material, and I loved the border along the edge which I thought would work well with a Simplicity pattern I had at home...I call this my hippy shirt. Can you smell the patchouli? ;)

The next delivery was my English Woolcombs. I haven't had much time yet to get going with some raw fleece, but I took some alpaca I had and quickly combined it with some silk. Love these combs which I purchased by phoning and talking to Gerry (Ray's wife) from Ray's Spinning
Accessories . Thanks to Jody for the recommendation!
Friday the 13th we went with the kids and their friends to Edmonton's Festival of Beer. The crowd was very well behaved and we came back with some freebie drink shakers....

We had a lot of fun learning about the different beers that are available here from around the world, and my new favourite is a tequila blended beer. Go figure. I don't like tequila, and I thought this was a Mexican beer, but soon found out that it's made in France, and it's their #1 beer.
Below are some pic's of other drinks that were sampled, and we now have added to our selection at home:

DD's favourite are a blueberry ale, and raspberry ale. She tends to like the fruity flavours. Click on pic's for more bigness.
My DH's fave was a wheat beer which was rather tasty from Germany.

In the garden, some new pretties....

Some standard poppies that are the first to show up in the spring, and then the hosta's which are in the shade part of the garden, and then my pink oriental poppies which are still in bud form.

The fish are back in the pond, but they're all hiding. They're getting used to their new home, and they're not in the visiting mood. So pic's of them will come later.

I did manage to get a picture of our one baby fish from last fall. He/she some how survived the other cannibal fish and is now in his/her new home 'the big tank'. It must seem so big and lonely.Noodles was having some wretching episodes, so I gave her a dose of Zantac, and she's back in fine working order! Appetite's back which fuels her fitzy running around the backyard.
**Since writing that statement we've had a torrential downpour and West Edmonton Mall flooded again. You know it's bad when they have to close the mall. So because of the rain Noodles isn't running around outside....she's happy inside away from the thunder.Another quick note that I just remembered. I took out a book from the library, and fell in love with it immediately. Victorian Lace today by Jane Sowerby. The photography is absolutely amazing, as well as the patterns. I promptly looked it up on (for us Canadians) and it said that I'd have to pre-order it....I then went to and it was in stock. I ordered it from them, and it was here in less than a week. What's up with that? I'm getting books faster from the U.S. than from the Canadian Amazon website.

Grumperina has a very good review of the book with a lot more pictures of the patterns.

**Victorian Lace Today Corrections and Clarifications


Jody said...

Please let's see how that shirt fits you Charlene. I really like the style.
The Belgium framboise is my fav beer too...when I lived in Holland I must have tried every Belgium beer...we drink it on a regular basis here too.
Glad you like your woolcombs..did you get the 4 pitch like mine? Pretty soon you will get new alpaca fleece to play with. I just scored two new fleeces!

~ P ~ said...

I love the top. Yes, I smell the patcholi. I bet you are having lots of fun with the serger.
Your socks are lovely. I can't seem to get beyond plain old stockinette stitch socks. Yours are a work of art.

~ P ~ said...

Oh Charlene, what a beautiful new picture you have for your header. I just love it. What kind of flower is it?