Thursday, June 19, 2008

It will be her 26th summer.................

Happy Birthday to my baby girl. Nicole was born on one of the hottest days recorded in Edmonton 26 years ago, June 18.

Look at her now. Heading off to work. The painting of the tree in the background was made by Nicole for Mother's Day a couple of years ago....a girl of many talents!
Last night was spent with just family, eating, reminiscing, and of course birthday cake.

This is what Nicole thinks of turning

We barbequed, and unfortunately I didn't get a picture of DH cooking the burgers under an umbrella in the rain. That would've been such a good picture. As per usual the weather cleared up within an hour. It would've been nice to eat outside.

This birthday thing seems to be turning into the birthday week. It's now carrying over to this weekend where we'll be going bowling, and I know there'll be lots of interesting pictures to take there....
**Update: Bad Blogger Bad. Forgot my camera.

Progress on the sewing front.....Started the sundress....

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Jody said...

Welcome back stranger. Did your daughter cut her hair? She looks alot like you.
How's the finn fleece coming along?