Monday, September 17, 2007

Welcome to my new back screendoor. How bad is it when I can get excited about something like that? We've lived in this house for 25 years, and it always feels great to replace something like an old aluminium screendoor that had to be the original going back 40 years.

My DH worked for approx. three days with this door as the exterior brickmould had to be taken out and sided with some metal to match the screendoor. Then came fitting all the deadbolts, and the new door handle on the inside metal door. So we were home, but felt like we didn't see each other......because.....

My DD and I went shopping on Saturday and headed to Michael's craft store.....I don't generally do my yarn shopping there, but I came upon something that I had to have and not in just a couple of colours, but several. It's SWS from Patons. SWS stands for Soy Wool Strips. 70% wool/30% soy, approx. 110yds, 2.8 oz, I started a new hat pattern (in colours Natural Geranium and (solid) Natural Berry) that was designed by Danny Ouellette. Danny has a Diamond waffle sock pattern featured in Knitty Fall 2007.

I was up to 2:00am Saturday night figuring out the Travelling Rib hat pattern which has some knitting techniques I've never worked with before. It was not hard, but I was so intriqued with the design that I couldn't put it down. He also has several other patterns for sale on his website and I got another one called Easy Head Hugger Hat.

I've been also slogging along on the vest for my DH's birthday. It's going fast, but I'm trying to knit on it when he's not around. So it's going slow, but the back is just about done....

I've also been sidetracked by getting our indoor fishtank ready for when we bring in our koi and goldfish from the outside pond. Our old indoor tank was too small to house them all over winter so we've had to get a bigger tank. We only have 12 fish, but some of them have doubled in size. So the new tank is ready to go now. We're looking forward to bringing them in and seeing how they've grown. I'll post pictures when we eventually do that.

125 Gallon Oceanic tank,
Eheim Professional II water filter,
Eheim Classic 2213 water filter.

The cats will have some new entertainment watching the fish when they're in here..........

Which brings me to another cute toy for it yourself homemade bendy straw cat toys from Wendy Knits

Our Anna had a crazy great time with these little triangles!

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Amanda said...

First off, I would love a screen door. I have five cats and it bugs me that I can't leave my back door open for air in the summer.

Secondly, your fish tank is gorgeous! I can't wait to see it with huge fish swimming around.