Thursday, September 06, 2007

Where did the weekend go? I could have used another couple of days out at the farm.

This is the farmstead which if I've got my dates right, we'll be celebrating it's 80th anniversary next year spring. In asking Uncle Otto how old the farm is he replied that he's got receipts showing the purchase of some pigs back in the spring of we're going with that date.

.......I'm sucking at getting any knitting done lately.....I'm great at getting projects started, but I've been preoccupied lately with household stuff, and the days are disappearing. We've got to install two new screen doors, and four new basement windows. We're hoping for a warm fall in order to get it all done, yeah right ;)

It was one of the nicest September long weekends. Our brother-in-law Ray rented a cherry picker and we got some tree trimming done, as well as ran a power feed from the overhead power line to a junction box for future under ground power lines. (This technical jargon is courtesy of DH) Who is standing in the red shirt on the ground.

An aerial view from the picker. Our camp is the farthest in the picture (Our silver Mazda is parked next to the motorhome). The kids didn't come out with us this time....there was a tattoo convention in Calgary. It was nice not to have to pack so much, but I missed having them along. I'm grateful for cellphones and text messaging for communication. It gets unnerving when the whole family is on the road going in different directions on a busy long weekend.
One of my most favourite places to knit is around our camp at the farm. No housecleaning, no phone, no tv...just sitting and visiting. Yep that's me...the lonely knitter in the red chair.....Which brings me to ask...'Where is your favourite place to knit?' I'm curious :)

While on the way out for the long weekend I started this idea I had for a little hemp purse. I saw this hemp at Wool Revival, and thought it would be very sturdy for such a project, and it is. I tried pulling apart a piece of it, and I now know why they make ropes out of it. It feels a bit like a heavy cotton, but there's no elasticity what so ever to it. Hemp Yarn made in China, color Chili Red.

I'm not following a purse pattern, but rather the 2 x 2 rib smocking pattern in Nicky Epstein's
book, Knitting on the Edge. As of Wednesday this is how far I've gotten. I'll have to knit one and half times more than what's in this picture so that I can wrap around and sew up the seams and install a zipper, and possibly a lining will be needed, but I'll see how it goes.

Collection of Mountain Ash Berries for the birds

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