Friday, September 28, 2007

Have you ever had one of those days where you're looking at a door, and wishing you could kick it?

Well today I think I may have finally fixed it, my painting problems that is, with my back door. It all started with us installing a new screen door, and I took a look at the other door and it needed a paint job and new window, hardware, etc. So I thought okay, I'm going to do this right. I'll get the right paint for a metal door. I chose a leading paint (which I won't mention unless somebody wants to email me and find out) and started painting. You know with the first swipe whether things are going right or wrong. Well it wasn't going right...air bubbles all over the off to The Depot, and I was given some good advice to try with a new roller that works better with oil based paints.....I should've known something was up when I was de-linting the roller and it wouldn't stop shedding. I thought I was ready and started with this roller and once again.....roller lint mixed in with paint is not a good thing. So I let it dry, I then sanded the one side where all the lint bumps were, and headed back to The Depot. I bought some other paint that has never failed me and went back to using the inexpensive roller, and as of this morning the door is done and ready for all the hardware to get put back on. What a schmozzle, which explains why the knitting has been put on hold this past week.

In amongst all this door angst, I had some dental work done. I took pictures of that, but I'm not showing's more for my personal before and after pic's. I'm not the greatest with dentist appointments, but I've found a great dentist that I'm so grateful for. Dr. Leah Gully is her name, and she works out of the Whitemud Dental Centre. I was getting a temporary bridge put in and that meant pulling out a nasty back molar, which included grinding down the two neighbouring teeth in preparation for crowns. It was a marathon dentist appointment, 2 1/2 hours in the chair, but with the excellent staff I was made to feel comfortable with absolutely no pain.
Also I had promised to post pictures of when we got the fish in the indoor tank....another thing checked off the 'to do' list this week....So here they are....

~The two Koi which are inseparable

3 Shubunkin, 9 Goldfish

So now add one baby to the mix. What he is we don't know yet....we were draining the outdoor pond and my dh caught a glimpse of something moving....low and behold it was this little trooper. For now he has his own tank, he's too small to put in with the others, he would just get eaten. We're still thinking up a name for him.

In regards to the knitting front I've found my first KAL I just joined....Bag Style Knitalong. It was mentioned at Knitting Daily. It started from Pam Allen and Ann Budd's book Bag Style. Premise of the KAL is to pick something from the book, or make your own pattern using some of the techniques from the looks like fun, and I can't seem to get enough knitting bags.

I promise I'll be posting more pictures of knitting, but for now all I've got is this.... I finally got my invitation to Ravelry and it spurred me on to try and get things organized to post on there. I cleaned out my craft closet which was a mix of fabric material and yarn. It's the yarn that doesn't look so pretty right now all in bags.

Have a great weekend!!

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