Monday, May 26, 2008

The cat in a glass......

What's up with my cat....she thinks everybody's glass is hers to drink out of. In the middle of the night I can hear the glass moving along the desktop. Knowing full well, even in my sleep, Noodles has her head locked in there and is on the way to tipping it over.

Now this isn't the only glass of water on this night table. She's got her own huge bowl sitting there. It only takes once for her to see me drinking out of that glass and she sneakily heads to her bowl, but oh....what's this, this glass of water looks better, and in goes her head.

Aaaah...but I love her quirks and all.

Things are happening in the garden but slowly.....

Do to a family member's illness I'm gardening in bits and spurts. We've been having some great weather with some sunshine here, and a little rain there. So things are really growing fast.

We bought a few extra plants for the pond. Angel moss, Duckweed, Hyacinthe, hornwort. We just haven't added the fish yet as the water still needs time to balance.

Progress on knitting is also happening when time allows. I'm still on the first sock of Country Girl Socks pattern from Heart Strings Fibre Arts. So far I'm on the heel flap. The colour isn't quite right in this picture. The colourway of the yarn is more burgundy. Yarn: Knit Picks Risata, colour-Burgundy. I've been taking it along to the hospital, and I can get a few rows done, but not much more. Socks, as it turns out, are a great take along project.

I finished Dr. G's Memory vest, pattern by Through the Loops. After following the links Kristen has on her blog, and making a donation to the Alzheimer's Research Foundation, Kristen will forward a pdf of the pattern.

Knitpicks : Wool of the Andes, colour: Arctic Pool Heather 100% Peruvian Highland Wool. Some adjustments were made in the length of the vest, but other than that everything went like clockwork. I started this vest at the end of March thinking that I could get it done in a couple months. With medication Uncle Otto was doing really well, but unfortunately within the last three weeks this insidious disease has taken hold of him, and it's not possible for him right now to try on the vest.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Uncle Otto, and as well with the many families around the world coping with, and caring for family members who are living with Alzheimers/Dementia.

We love you Otto


Amanda said...

A couple of my cats do that too. It is especially nice when they can't reach the water with their tongues and decide to stick their little paws in, or just knock the glass over and drink from new puddle on the table. Sigh.. what we do for our loved little creatures!

~ P ~ said...

Hi Charlene,
I've been thinking about you this week also. You and I are in a very similar and painful situation. I hope and pray for the best for you and Uncle Otto.