Tuesday, May 13, 2008

This is no Extreme Makeover Home Edition......

Though I would like to have all those people helping. Especially when we were hauling all of the concrete, and dirt out.

DH was jack hammering pretty much for three days, on and off. It started out as this small hole, but there is plans for it to get bigger.

A little bit bigger here with all the old marble tile taken off. Some people might think, 'What? Taking out marble?' But it was put in by the previous owner over 26 years ago. He was a tile layer by trade so what was put in our bathroom was all the leftover stuff he had from other jobs.

The excavation part is now close to being done. You can still see the tiles from the old shower. Again that's the previous owners method of tiling onto the foundation wall. No wonder it was always freezing in there.

Speaking of freezing, it's not freezing outside here anymore. We had a great weekend of weather which allowed us to get a lot of work done outside. The pond is now cleaned out and running. No fish yet as we've got to get all the bacteria levels balanced. This picture looks like it's kind of murky water, but it's the peat moss pellets and barley we put in to keep down the algae growth.

Unfortunately hardly any knitting or spinning has been done. I'm still working on Dr. G's memory vest which I'm hoping to get done before this weekend. One project that I finished awhile ago, but didn't post about, is the finished Sugarplum Shrug.

Modelled by DD.

I wore the shrug on the plane to Las Vegas. It was just enough to keep from freezing from the air conditioning, and light enough that I wasn't sweltering when we landed in Vegas.

Speaking of sweltering. The cutie patootie living next door, Seika, was rolling around enjoying the summer breeze. That's what I call living in the moment.

She abruptly stopped, as soon as she heard the camera clicking, giving me this shy look saying....'What's the big deal? Haven't you ever rolled in the grass before?'

Have a great day!!!!


Jody said...

Beautiful shrug Charlene...now let's see a pic of you in it! Things are really getting green here in Ontario. The lilacs are in bloom and smell wonderful. Our asparagus is just out now too. My son is coming from Waterloo this weekend and we are having a BBQ.

~ P ~ said...

Oh my goodness! Your shrug is beautiful. You are a very skilled knitter. What kind of yarn did you use?
I'm anxious to see your goldfish.

Maia said...

Love the shrug! It is gorgeous!

Ponds are wonderful. I love mine. I need to start having my morning coffee out there now that mornings are warmer. When do you get your fish?

Val said...

Lovely knitting! I got your message on my blog. I have a merino rambouillet ram and a couple lambs fleeces left. I'm still in the process of skirting and sorting. For more info you can email me at bvranch@sasktel.net
P.S. Noodles looks like a very sweet cat!