Monday, July 05, 2010

Kind of feeling lazy after this long weekend.......

Sat out in the backyard and visited with friends.New pictures of what's blooming in the yard.
When we were busy working around the yard, the girls got their couch time outside.
Went to see the Canada Day fireworks.
Saturday went to the downtown Farmers Market. Bought some cinnamon buns, and was looking to see if there was anything for sale fibre related.So Sunday it was the start of Tour de France. One of my favourite things to watch in the summer. In my last post I mentioned I started up with Tour de Fleece, Ravelry group Team Canada for spinning. I'm hoping it will get me back in the habit of spinning more frequently.
Here's a few pictures of fibre from my stash of which I'm hoping to at least get a couple bobbins of 2 ply each.
The above is super wash merino/tencel destined for some sock yarn, and the two pictures below I'm hoping to get a consistant 2ply in a DK weight, 12-14 wpi.
100% Black Alpaca top.
For now, I'm starting off with a partially filled bobbin with 100% Alpaca bought in roving form from my local yarn shop.
Happy Spinning!

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Monika said...

Your back yard looks so wonderful, inviting to sit and enjoy it. Don't the kitties want to run away when outside?
I like all your fiber! Looking forward to see how it will turn out!