Friday, July 16, 2010

Thought I'd better show something .....

uplifting after my last post and my frustration with Shetland roving.
The delphiniums are in full bloom.
The nasturtiums are going bonkers with the greenery.
With just a few of the blooms showing. They need more sun which hasn't been happening here. Just rain and more rain.
It's that time of year for the lilies. I've been waiting all week for these buds to open.
Their beautiful colours show up so well when it's overcast outside. On a sunny day the camera seems to over expose them.
In other parts of the country they're experiencing a heat wave. Not here in Alberta. Send some sunshine our way please.
Have a good one!


Monika said...

Oh I LOVE nasturtiums!!! I always had them in my gardens. I have to get some seeds for next year somewhere. Did you know you can eat them, in a salad too? The other flowers are gorgeous too!

Jody said...

Like I said before...your garden could rival any Dutch one!

Robin said...

LOVe these pictures - especially the one on the bottom. Love the color. I have tried and tried to grow nasturtiums and have never been successful. They're so cute -orange and yellow with their little black centers.