Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Here's one of the finished wine and roses mitts. I had it finished a couple of days ago, but my daughter broke a nail and didn't want her hand to be photographed.

Knitting this mitt went really fast. The pattern was fairly easy to memorize. It was just late at night (11:30pm) when I'd lose my way with the lace pattern. When my eyes start doing loopty loops I know I just have to put it down, and this goes for any knitting that I'm doing. Lace in particular though, I think it's the yarn overs that get me.

The Superkid and Dawn yarn used to knit this up was great to work with, but unfortunately it doesn't photograph well. The lace pattern isn't coming through and I think it's because of the mohair. Personally I wouldn't change it I love having the mohair in there as it makes for such a soft mitt.
Pattern: Interweave Knits Winter 2006

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NH Knitting Mama said...

Beautiful mitts! Your daughter has beautiful nails. :-)