Thursday, July 05, 2007

It's been another beautiful past couple of days, and a great Canada Day long weekend with the weather being hot and muggy. I've been busy catching up with gardening and unfortunately not posting anything new. I'm still working on the second wine and roses mitt (second mitt syndrome), and the embossed leaf scarf.

For Canada Day weekend we went out to the farm for four days. There was a mother of a storm this past Friday leaving behind a beautiful double rainbow. The photo doesn't show the second rainbow that well. Either way it was around 8:45pm when taking this shot........
..... and facing the other way there was this beautiful amber sky. For some reason whenever looking at the colour of this sunset it reminds me of Gone With The Wind. There's a scene in the movie when there's a big fire and the sky is very similar.

So for now I wanted to update about the farm flower garden and that it's now half done.

I did have some time to knit in between gardening, but not enough to show. Now that we're back home it's all about getting the laundry done.

Peace out

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Nicole said...

Peace out? Holy mom, tapping your inner homie are we? =P