Thursday, July 19, 2007

I feel like I'm repeating myself with these projects, but here goes.....I'm in the middle of the Victorian wrist warmers called Mrs. Beeton from (Winter 2005). I've been looking forward to working on this pattern because it has the potential to use up a lot of my leftover yarn stash.

Anyway I wanted to post about the joining of the two bell edgings. Apparently it's similar to the three-needle bind off, but instead you'll be knitting the stitches off both needles which will carry on to be the wrist part.

Well I've never done a three needle bind off, but I got the general meaning of what was needed to be done. I had to take a picture of it's kind of a schmahzle*(new word) ;) There's six freakin dpn being used at this point. It sure is pretty though with the mohair and the beads. The pattern keeps my interest going, but I thought maybe it might be intimidating for some. It's slow going with the joining, but once that's over a pair of these warmers could easily be knit up in an evening.

Another batch of lilies that have opened up.....I wanted to also say how happy we are with our camera bought this past May. (I've been going snap happy with the garden this year.) It's a Nikon D80 SLR, and we would recommend it to anyone looking for a new camera.

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