Tuesday, July 31, 2007

It has arrived!
I got the phone call last week and could hardly wait to pick it up. I was a little surprised at how small the box was, and I kept on asking Pam from Pam's Woolly Shoppe, "Are you sure everything is in here?" So in honour of Amy Singer from Knitty.com I wanted to document what it looks like when getting a wheel. Amy blogged when she received her Ashford Joy, and I loved seeing her pictures.
How it's packed, and the information booklet that is included.
It was neat getting a picture of the person who packed it up in the factory from New Zealand. She did a very good job. Everything in its place.
I chose the unfinished wood versus the lacquered finish on the wheel. The lacquered finish was $100 more and Pam said for a $100 you can save by finishing it yourself. So I took her advise, but a forewarning....it's taken me about a week to get it stained and urethaned. So I've had to bide my time waiting...tick tock tick tock.....no spinning , and I've got some corriedale roving just staring at me, waiting to be practised on.
This is just about finished. It's been fun thinking how I wanted to make it my own. So I decided to stain the legs red, as well as the maid uprights, and maiden bar supports.
*Update* This is now Thurs.Aug.2.
Everything is now thoroughly cured, and as soon as my DH comes home after work we'll be putting it together...more pictures to come.

Still working on the wristwarmers. Hopefully this August long weekend coming up we'll be heading out to the farm, and maybe I'll have the time to finish off a couple of projects that have been sitting in the wings while this wheel's been getting all the attention.

Just a note of amusement.....I was reading Posh Yarns blog, and she has an interesting take on Educating Public Sentiment Aug. 1 post..... I love the sarcasm....Go Posh Go!!


Mae said...

I was in a yarn store on Saturday, and it was the first one I've ever seen that sold rovings. I was soooooooooooooooooooooooo tempted. The lady gave me a card and said she charges $20 to learn to spin, ie. if you take an hour or four it will be $20. I am definitely going to call her next time I'm back in Ottawa!!!

Mae said...

No updates for a while eh?
How much roving have you already accumulated, and how much has your stash grown already?! hahaha.