Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Snow and more snow......

Here in Western Canada we've been getting snow, but I don't think it's the dump that the East has been getting. I was shovelling for 2 1/2 hours this morning. It feels like it's never ending.

My DH usually does most of the shovelling, but this morning I was up and out of the house early to drop off our car to the autodealer to have them look at why the ABS brake light is now on all the time. Another 'never ending' thing to add to the list of our Mazda 3 '05 tweaky problems.

My DH has been leaving his winter touques laying around, and several days ago he couldn't find one when he was going out to shovel back to the stash, and I came up with enough leftover Alpaca from other projects, and made this....
I saw this touque on and was delighted that she included the link for the free pattern Jacques Cousteau Hat. I used 4.00mm dpn's for this project, larger than what the pattern called for, as my Alpaca was spun thicker. I wanted this to be a tight gauge, no holes for the wind to blow through, or the snow to melt down into. Which resulted in my hands feeling the brunt of it.

In between resting my aching fingers I continued on spinning...

I consider myself still a beginner at spinning, and so far this is the thinnest I've been able to spin. This is the two ply of the kool aid dyed fibre I posted about earlier. It still baffles me how some spinners (Maia) can spin a three-ply and it comes out even thinner than my two. I guess these mysteries are there for us to strive for, but I'm still holding out that there's a spinning secret that I haven't heard about, and one day someone's going to tune me in. Actually realistically I know I'm going to probably be told it's all about the practicing, which of course gotta put in the time to see the thin ply.

That's all for now...Stay warm everybody!!

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