Wednesday, September 23, 2009

In the mail today......

I have plans.....well intentioned plans to start and finish something. Famous words I know.

Knit Picks had a sale on some lace weight yarn....

I have a penchant for green.This is Alpaca Cloud colourway Dill. 100% Alpaca. Heathered lace weight. I can't stop feeling this stuff it's unbelievably soft.
In the same order was some Knit Picks Shadow. Bordeaux Kettle-Dyed. 100% Merino. Not as soft as the Alpaca Cloud, but still fantastic value for a wonderful lace weight yarn.

I know I'd mentioned in the previous post about the flood in our basement. I thought I'd post some pictures of what it is now, and how we'll be trudging through the process of rebuilding.
This was the actual day it happened. We were scrambling to try to get everything on to the dry side of the room.
DH was working to try to limit any moisture sitting over night. We knew there was no way we could clean this up by ourselves. The poor little shopvac blew up after DH started going over the carpet for the third time.The insurance co. hired a clean up company to come and assess the situation. Without a word the dude started cutting up carpet right away. It's kind of shocking when you see someone cutting up your house like that, but he had it done in under an hour. For the next five days we had a humidifier going and four huge fans.

But as per usual we weren't happy with the fact that the clean up company didn't recommend taking down the drywall. I couldn't rest knowing that it was fish by products that had been sitting in behind the wall. So DH and I made the decision to take down the drywall and we'll be replacing it ourselves.

That's where the basement is standing right now. I'm hoping we can complete this by Christmas, and yes that's our poor kitty Anna sitting on the bottom part of the sofa. Downstairs was her domain and we've tried coaxing her upstairs while this reno is going on, but she won't have any of it. Thank god it's been wonderful weather here so she's been staying outside for hours to enjoy lounging on the patio furniture.

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Jody said...

I have that book and so far have made the Vanalinn gloves and the Birch Leaf socks.
It must be so beautiful in the Rockies in Autumn...sigh.