Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Oh Lord Where Do I Begin........

You think I was on a sabbatical or something, but it was just life in general. I've missed posting and any spare time I had was spent reading all the wonderful blogs I've been referred to and inspired by. It's like getting addicted to a soap opera or something these blogs. Sheesh.

So here's a list of what's happened since my last post in March. Keeping it short and sweet.
-The estate my DH is executing was probated in February '09, and it continues to this day. Don't let anyone tell you this is a swift thing to do. We've already passed the one year anniversary and we're still dealing with it on a daily basis.
-March '09 my DD moved to Vancouver B.C. to be with the one she loves. She's the last of my children to leave home.
-April was just lost.
-In May we went to Florida for two weeks. That was nice. Would like to go again. Experienced rain like I never have in my life. I can now appreciate what they go through in a hurricane.
-June we were devastated to hear from our daughter that her true love Nathan at the age of 28 has testicular cancer stage 4. It spread up to his lungs. The same cancer that Lance Armstrong had.
-In July we went to Vancouver to visit DD and Nathan, and it was wonderful seeing them. Our hugs have a certain desperation to them since this hit us. After getting back from the trip I was home watching the Michael Jackson Memorial on tv, and went downstairs looking for something to start for dinner. To my shreaking panic discovered our 200 US gallon fishtank had drained onto our basement floor. All but four inches which was enough for me to scoop out and save our Koi and Goldfish.
-August basically has been a month of running back and forth from Home Depot buying stuff to fix our basement. In between fixing our house we bought another home which my DS and his friend are renting from us. It needs some upgrading which also demands more trips to Rona/Home Depot.

So that's that list.......The saving grace for me has been, which I'm sure you can all understand, is The Lord above, my DH, family, my spinning, knitting, and not to be forgotten the new blogs that I lost myself in inspiration, and keeping up with the lives of the dear blogs that I've gotten to know over the years.
-Smoking Hot Needles
-Gypsy Spinner
-Susan in Stitches
-Spin, Knit, and Life

The new Blogs which blow me away by their photography and inspiration:
-Alicia Paulson
-Apron Thrift Girl
-Anna Maria Horner

On to fibre news....here's some of the projects that I've tried to finish, some that are finished, and new ones that keep getting in the way.

Market Bag for Nicole. Having fun coordinating fabric for these bags. Probably having more fun shopping for fabric. Another dangerous stashing hobby started.

This was my first try at making this Market Bag. McCalls Pattern #5822. It's been used more for carrying around my knitting and not groceries. I still have a ways to go in combining fabric.

A sweater pattern (Berroco Pakuna) I found in Vancouver at Birkeland Bros.Wool Ltd.

I'm finally using my natural colour Alpaca handspun for this project and I couldn't be happier how it's turning out so far. Progress has been slow, but almost finished the back. These pictures are of the front and side.

A bit of embroidery from the Babylock Esante. I'm making some bookmarks for my Niece and Nephew. Actually the sewing machine is making them I'm just programming and changing thread.

Some 2 ply handspun from Aurelia in Merrit B.C. We stopped in on our way to Vancouver. It was my first time at spinning something with so many colour changes, but I had read somewhere to separate the colours and have one spun up with all the colours combined which you can see in the one bobbin. Whereas the other single was spun up with the colours flowing one into the other. Which I then plied together. This yarn is going to be knitted up into Fiddlehead mittens with a black yarn anchoring it. Pattern by Adrian Bizilia which I purchased off of Ravelry.

More handspun by Louet. Dark Blue Faced Leicester. This reminded me very much of spinning Alpaca. I had to have more twist when spinning singles. My goal with this was to try Navajo Plying which really frustrated me just watching people do it. Until I found this....Sarah Anderson Navajo Plying. I love how I can take a spool of single spun and spin right to the end of the bobbin with no leftover and the result is a three ply. Wonderful!

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Jody said...

So glad to have you back Charlene:) Wow alot has happened! Sad about DD's boyfriend. My stepdaughter's fiance's brother had the same cancer at 19 and he is now 25 and becoming a doctor. So I hope and pray he will make it thru ok.