Thursday, September 24, 2009

Spinning, Chocolate Cake, and a runny nose.....It started yesterday... a craving for comfort food.

It turned into this....sort of looks like a volcano, but it's just warm icing.

My heads pounding and my teeth ache. I've got a head cold, and it's beautiful outside. Instead all my brain can handle right now is the soothing comfort of a motrin, a cuppa, and a spin at the wheel with this...80% Merino 20% Silk from Aurelia Wool & Weaving from Merritt B.C. Canada

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Jody said...

That cake looks tastey...I would luv a piece right now with my tea pls :) DH is just suffering with a head cold now also. I hope you feel better soon Charlene..oh and happy belated birthday!!