Monday, September 28, 2009

Back tracking on a few pictures......

We were in Vancouver for four days in July to visit my DD and her DB (Dear Boyfriend) and in the above picture I've amateurishly photoshopped the picture to illustrate where they now live. As always click to embiggen to see more detail.

The following are just a few pictures of the Saturday when we were there and it was one of the busiest. We headed out in the morning on the Seabus which leaves from downtown Vancouver heading to North Vancouver. When you dock on the northside you enter immediately into Lonsdale Market.
On the Seabus coming back with a view of downtown Vancouver. The tent like building is Canada Place where the cruise ships will stop to either load or unload passengers.
After getting off the seabus we hopped on another bus to head to Granville Island.
More yummmm
Of course my yarn sniffing nose was on high alert. This was a interesting shop. The owner had live silk worms doing their thing. Unfortunately she wasn't too keen on my husband taking pictures of the inside of her store. Too bad because it was a really nice shop with lots of silk yarn.
Some of the handpainted silk I bought.Later that same day I convinced my DD to come with me to another fibre shop Birkeland Bros. Wool. I was surprised that my Mom and DH still were wanting to come along, but this was a really interesting store. The building and the business are over 70 years old, and still run by the third generation of the same family. The lady helping me was very friendly, laid back, and helpful with all my questions.
The carding machine is now over 100 years old.
Birkeland is Western Canada's #1 Ashford products dealer. My spinning wheel is an Ashford Traveller so I picked up four more bobbins, and fibre. I'll definitely head back to this store it was well worth the visit.
Haven't spun Corriedale, but once I do I'm wanting to try my hand at dying this fibre. As per usual I can't seem to get enough of any type of green fibre.
The final fibre/material/notions store that my DD said I HAVE to see was Dressew. They had really good prices on some yarn there, but not anything I wanted. They're mainly a fabric/notions store. It's two floors that are packed to the hilt. I got sidetracked by the buttons. My DH was so patient as I perused from top to bottom, side to side.

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