Wednesday, May 26, 2010

 Can I bend your ear?.........
This was supper last night with some honey garlic wings.  Quick and easy.  

That's how suppers have been around here as we're still working on basement renovations, and working in the garden.  Unfortunately any progress with knitting has been done in the evenings before Dale and I crash for the night.  There are some days/weekends where we've been so busy that I can't fall asleep.  The kind of exhaustion that as a knitter I can't even concentrate on knitting.  Which is very unusual.  Slowly as we finally start seeing progress in construction/demolition of renovating, I'll be posting more pictures of fibre goodness.  ;)

So in the meantime when I should be writing new posts on this blog, I've gone and found more knitters/bloggers (Carole Knits, Seed Stitch, The Woolen Rabbit, Under The Tulip Tree) who love to knit/garden.  It's been inspiring reading all of them, and makes me envious how far ahead their growing season is than mine up here in the Canadian north.  

So for now all I've got are pic's of what's growing in my garden......
The Primula or Primrose are up in full glory.
This is a highchair that is as old as I am, probably older.  I painted it a Chelsea Blue and it's now a plant stand in the garden. 
I'm hoping to plant my climbing nasturtiums at the base of the highchair so they can grow up the legs, but the weather is still dicey and my seedlings haven't hardened up enough yet.
Some sweetpeas.  Hopefully they'll be easy to transplant.  It's still an experiment as I haven't grown sweetpeas for ages.
The pond is up and running for this year, and we're waiting for the weather to warm up a bit before transferring the goldfish and koi.  It's always exciting watching them being put in the pond for the first time of the season.  If darting around like maniacs constitutes fish being excited, well, they're pretty darn excited then.  Hopefully I'll remember to take a video this time.

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