Friday, May 07, 2010

TGIF and the snow is slowly melting.......

 We managed to get the pond cleaned out before the snow came at the beginning of the week.  My delphiniums are taking a hit, but I'm hoping the cold temperatures won't stunt their growth.
In the meantime I've still got the sewing bug. This material was discounted to something like buy 1 metre get 2 free. So I bought 3 metre's and hoped that would be enough for something. I didn't know what I was going to use it for at that time, but upon looking at the daisy lace pattern on it I loved how it looked as a tablecloth and seat covers.
So I traced the seats of my kitchen chairs and cut out the pattern. Hopefully after I get finished posting this I'll start sewing them up today.
After some fussing and fitting I got the jean jacket finished. Pattern by Burda #7812.

Closeup of the pocket flap lining, and buttons.

Noodles investigating what's on the floor? Can I eat it mama?
I've got a really cute video of Noodles eating some leftover rice pudding in a little cup (She LOVES rice pudding), but the video is taking it's sweet ass time loading. I will post it asap when it finishes processing.
Here's the video....She didn't eat the whole thing just what I leave her which is about a teaspoon.  Rice pudding is very sticky.  Have to go clean Noodles whiskers now :)

Have a great weekend everyone,
and Happy Mother's Day to all!!


Monika said...

Wow- that jacket turned out great!!! I like rice pudding too, good thing that Noodles is not here. :o)

Jody said...

That is a really nice jacket Charlene. Are you sure you don't want to part with it hehe????
You are very ambitious with your sewing. I wish I could get back into it. I know I must keep my focus on my spinning and knitting right now because of all the time and money invested in the sheepies.
We got a little snow yesterday and still have the almost hurricane force winds! Last night we put new wool coats on Lacey and Simon : ))