Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The rain brought more than we bargained for.......Spring will be here hopefully, again, by the end of this weekend. Anna and Noodles were crying to get outside to chow down on some grass, but they walked away in disgust when I opened the screen door to show them the wonderful whiteness. Now they're trying to sleep away the weather.Well one good thing that comes from this is that our overseeding of the lawn will get a boost from this moisture. Hopefully the farmers are welcoming this. I don't know how this snowfall falls into the management of their fields.

No knitting pic's for today. Still trying to finish ufo's. Hopefully will have something to post soon!


Monika said...

You've got SNOW!!!
Your cats have the right idea! :o)
We had a short thunder storm today with maybe 4 minutes of intense rain.

Robin said...

Mother Nature is so fickle! Such a tease!