Monday, May 31, 2010

 The weekend started with this.......
My lilacs finally opened up to the little bit of sunshine we got on Friday.  It quickly turned to this Saturday early morning.......
 Sleet, mixed with a bit of hail.  All the planted pots were put in the garage, and what plants I have planted outside basically fended for themselves.  
 Construction is still ongoing down in the basement, but on Sunday I finally (Finally!!) got to put the jumbo sliding hook flyer on my Ashford Traveller double drive.
 I have some very sturdy Icelandic Top that no way can go against my shoulders or neck.  So I started spinning thick singles which I'll double ply and knit up for slippers which I'll felt for hopefully even more strength.
 Love the jumbo bobbins for spinning thicker singles.
Everything goes that much better when a venti decaf vanilla iced caffe latte is sitting at the ready.  Who else is addicted to this stuff???


Monika said...

Yeah, spinning! :o)
My son drinks venti coffee frappucino and sometimes mocka frappucino's. They smell really good, but I can't drink coffee. :o(

Jody said...

Charlene are you spinning???? Luv that Icelandic grey colour. One of my closeby alpaca friends is getting two Icelandic lambs this November and I can't wait to meet them!