Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I'm inspired of late by all the ufo's I've been reading about on Ravelry, and Knitting Daily. So I hunkered down and got a couple of big projects finished....which meant that I could start new ones!

Presently I'm k
nitting up my DH's first pair of knitted socks. I got him to try the socks on just as they appear in the photo, and they look really good. When I was knitting them I was worried that maybe my gauge was too tight and they would be too narrow. This is really nice sock yarn, and as it says on the label, there is stretch to it. When knitting up the gusset I tend to give the yarn a bit of a yank so that I'm not dealing with ladders. This is where I noticed there's a nice stretch to the yarn.

DH's foot is of average size, men's 9, but his foot is wide. So far this pattern is doing great for this size of foot.....

Name of Pattern: Father and Son Socks
Pattern by: Mona Schmidt......

You can find it in Interweave Knits Fall 2006

The yarn I'm using in this pattern is: Lana Grossa

Mega Boots Stretch, 100gr. 400 metre
Colourway: #714
Needles I'm using: 2.5mm dpn, 15 cm in length

One ball should do a pair of socks. The pattern says it needs 356 metre's.

Here's my sweetie Noodles.....I had to find some good light to take shots of this knitting, and of course as soon as the door is open she has to check out what's going on outside.....The ball of yarn was a good tush pillow.


Amanda said...

They look lovely. I'm sure your DH will love them.

Nicole said...

you needs to update your blogs!