Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The last of the ordered stash pictures.......These needles and fibre were ordered from The Yarn and Fiber Company. I was browsing through Ravelry and this came up as one of the places to shop online and the bonus is that they have free shipping to Canada. The roving was not in stock at the time, but they were great in notifying me about this. It took approx. three weeks before I got my order.
The fibre I purchased is Harrisville Fleece Roving in Hyacinth and Magenta colourways. This is not the greatest to spin after I've been spoiled with spinning Alpaca. It's kind of like when you go skiing at your local hill, and then skiing in the comparison. It was inexpensive $12.60 for 1/2 lb bag. I could see using this roving more for needle felting projects, but for now it's going to be spun up and used in some felting project.

The Yarn and Fiber Co. had the best price on Addi Turbo Lace Needles that I could find online. I have to admit I've been using my Knit Picks Harmony Wood circular knitting needles on a lace project, and I'm loving them. I also picked up some sample packets of Soak wool wash. I've been using Eucalan Lavender, and I wanted to try something else with another scent. Out of the three that I got, Flora was my favourite Aquae came second.

Here's a close up pic of the needle points on both circulars................

The Harmony's are about half the price of the Addi's so it's nice to have an option if you're on a tight budget. Luv'n the Harmony's

Next package came a week later from Little Knits another online shop.

Out of all of the online stores this one was the quickest in delivery (two weeks). I found Little Knits ad in Interweave Knits magazine. I took a couple pictures documenting how things are packaged up..................... I hate admitting this, but I have a habit of liking expensive wool that I can't afford. So when I visited this website I was impressed with their sales on this.....
Sock yarn...
It's self explanatory I guess it'll be made into socks, for who I don't know yet, but I love the colourway of the Opal Hundertwassers Collection - The Soul Tree (Yellow variegated Color #1431).
The price of the Trekking XXL, another sock yarn, is approximately $8 less than what I paid here in Canada. Colourway: Crimson, Lilac, Midnight Tweed. Last sock yarn is Lana Grossa Multi-Effekt 3090, again another great price.

Also from Little Knits some Noro Kureyon colour 194, made in Japan,100% wool, 50gr. 100 meters. All four balls are the same colourway just wound up differently. Noro isn't a particularly soft yarn, I've never knitted with it, so this will be used on something like mitts or a scarf worn on the outside of a jacket.

Last package...really....I haven't posted for just about a month so now it's all coming back to me what's been going on..............

This is from The Loopy Ewe. Again pictures of how everything is packaged up.

Some extra little things Sherri from The Loopy Ewe included......................

The fiber bought this time was Lorna's Laces. Super soft so I'm hoping to use this in a chevron scarf inspired from the book, Scarf Style by Pam Allen editor of Interweave Knits.

Left view: Lorna's Laces, Color: Vera, Shepherd Sport, 100% Superwash Wool, 200 yards/70gr., 6 sts=1" on #4
Right View: Lorna's Laces, Color: Bittersweet , Shepherd Sock 80% Superwash Wool 20% Nylon, 215 yards 7 sts = 1"
These skeins will be used in socks. Lorna's Laces, Color: Tuscany, Shepherd Sock. Same ingredients as the above Bittersweet.

The latest Interweave Knits really got the juices flowing. I fell in love with the idea of the elegant little knitting bags that could hold a small project that a knitter could take anywhere....So I went looking in my material stash and came up with a couple of little bags that can hold my socks in progress.
I had fun making these. I feel a couple more of them being sewn up in the near future.

Last but not least another new sleeping spot for Noodles......
Noodles, my shadow of late. She's not been feeling well. We went to the vet's about three weeks ago to get annual shots and some blood work done, and renal failure is continuing to haunt her. She's 14 years old now, and at present her kidney's are operating at 25%. She's lost two pounds, but I think that's due to an upset stomach off and on. So the goal right now has been changing her food over to a prescription diet, and I'm treating her sensitive stomach with some Zantac. So far she's really picked up. The appetite is back, and she's getting extra love and attention which is starting some bad habits. She only wants to drink out of the clear glass by the kitchen sink which requires lifting her up and down, but she's a great communicator with the meowing, and so far she's back to being her old self after the vet's visit.

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I love the little knitting bags. Do you remember which Interweave Knits issue that had the pattern?